EXIF (JPEG) File Viewer for Zaurus

        Date: 18 July, 2005
        Author: Shiro Ninomiya (shiron_AT_snino_DOT_com)

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         When I bought my new digital camera, I was excited to see
        pictures on my Zaurus:SL-C300.  I took pictures and move the
        SD card from the digital camera to the Zaurus, and opened them
        by the ImageNote.  What I've seen was so pathetic.  Actually,
        the ImageNote was useless to see high-resolution picture

         I've shortly searched a nice free program to see jpeg files,
        but I couldn't find what exactly I wanted.  Okay, a good
        opportunity to learn more about Zaurus programming, I've
        started this project.

        I've set a few important points to design the program.

           * Resizing should be done at the decoding time; resize it
             piece by piece, don't use a huge size of memory.

           * Use an embedded thumbnail in a picture file; don't create
             a new one by resizing, which spends a lot of time.

           * Do caching the decoded data and make the full-screen
             operation as speedy as possible.

           * Show some exif information on the screen.  This is really
             my personal; I want to know how pictures look by camera
             settings: aperture size, shutter speed and so on.

         At first, I've created a non-caching version, and it was slow
        as I expected.  Then I added the caching, the speed was
        improved but I felt it was still a little too slow.  I found
        that the Zaurus frame buffer is 16-bit mode.  Seemed, there was
        a conversion process from 24-bit to 16-bit.  Why not remove
        the process and also save the memory.  I've switched to create
        16-bit data directly from JPEG data.  By doing that, I had a
        feeling of a slight improvement about the speed.  But still I
        couldn't be satisfied.

         What can I do more?  If I were an expert of Qtopia, I would
        find some ways.  But I'm not such a person.  I thought I could
        write directly into the frame buffer, but to do that the
        program need the root privilege, and it looks too dirty trick.

         After all, I've decided to live with this so so good response
        time.  Further improvement may be done in future.

         I'll appreciate any comments from you. e-mail address is at
        the top of this page, I think you can find out what the real
        address is.  If you are Japanese, feel free to write in
        Japanese; I'm writing in English because this is at

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         All files in this package are licenced under the GNU General
        Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation;
        either version 2 of the License (see a file:'COPYING' included
        in this package), or (at your option) any later version.

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